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For the past nine years we have gathered and celebrated recovery. These have been public events and have been supported by the Calgary recovery community in participation and exhibits rentals.  We have had approximately 40 exhibitor booths that join in on the event. Unfortunately due to unforeseen safety concerns this year we have had to postpone The Wellness Walk. Recovery Day will be celebrated this year and will be held at Fresh Start Recovery Centre from 11am till 3pm on November 20th 2022. 

Please RSVP for more information and for parking details. 



Recovery Day is committed to mobilizing and organizing Canadians in recovery from addiction and addiction related problems. Our mission is to build awareness, challenge societal stigma, and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving life for individuals, families, and communities. We believe that recovery saves lives. We envision a world in which recovery from addiction is a common, celebrated reality - a world where individuals will not experience shame when seeking help.

We are passionate about sharing the faces, voices and stories of recovery in hopes of inspiring and inviting others to join us on the rewarding, yet diverse, path to wholeness. Together, we will demonstrate the power and proof of recovery from addiction

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